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Mažeikiai Merkelis Račkauskas Gymnasium, the Educational Establishment Combining Traditions with Modernism

Phone/fax: (8 443) 26 137
Phone 8 (443) 27 391 Mobile phone 8 686 76 837
Laisvės g.10, LT-89223, Mažeikiai


School Administrators Director Asta Žukauskienė, 1st  category of management


Deputies of education:

Lena Krigelienė, 1st category of management,
Laimonas Terasius, 1st  category of management.

Our gymnasium is an active school, aspiring the interrelation of knowledge and real life issues.We rejoice at our student academic achievements and we are incredibly proud of their results in the national state examinations , honorary awards in the Republican Olympiads , International Kangaroo contests as well as high results in the Constitution examination. We take pride in students who demonstrated excellent skills in the Economics competitions , in those, who became research work and literary essay winners. This school gives the honourable mention to the laureates of the national singing contest “Dainų dainelė“ , the winners of art and technology events and high achievers of basketball and football tournaments.

The traditions associated with the historical past of this gymnasium are cherished and nurtured. Morover, the new ones are continuously being developed. Our gymnasium is the place one is happy to stay at.

Further reading about this school can be enjoyed surfing www.rackauskas.lt



53 teachers are employed by this school.

9 expert teachers

34 teachers of methods

8 senior teachers

2 teachers.


Lithuanian language teacher expert Martynas Januška was awarded 3rd degree Order of Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas and elected The Teacher of the Year. Apart from this, the mentioned teacher was granted Šatrijos Ragana and Regional Culture awards. Lithuanian language teacher expert Laima Skabickienė was elected the Teacher of the Year and became the laureate of Šatrijos Ragana regional award. Lithuanian language teacher expert Romualda Žilinskienė and biology teacher expert Eugenija Janina Žemgulienė were granted Mstislav Rostropovic charity and support fund prizes for education of gifted children.

The teachers of this educational establishment are the authors of method training kits, educational films and computer programs. Not only this, their scope of work includes the autorship of textbooks, editorship of scientific publications , recension ,initiation of republican and regional education as well as culture events.

The Course of History

The article, issued by the Education department of Lithuania, having come into effect in 1919, announced the establishment of the first Lithuanian secondary education institution, called Mažeikiai four year secondary school, working under the leadership of the director Petras Bimba.

In 1923 the school was granted the status of a progymnasium with the director Merkelis Račkauskas.

In 1949 the gymnasium became the secondary school.

In 1970 the school was renamed as Mažeikiai 1st secondary school whereas in 1990 it was named under Merkelis Račkauskas. In 1996 the school was granted the status of a gymnasium.

In 2013 87th group of graduates and the 5000th student finished this school.



  • COMENIUS (The Esperanto language). A Variety of Professions to Turn the Challenge into Dream Accomplishment.
  • NORDPLUS JUNIOR (The English language). Consistent and Innovative Formation of Business Skills.
  • Creation of Observation Models for Career Training and its Expansion in General and Vocational Training.
  • Higher Culture Impulses for Schools.
  • ESF Academy.
  • T- Class.
  • Academy of Equal Oportunities. Accept. Promote. Change yourself.
  • OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Quality Guarantee System.


Mažeikiai Merkelis Račkauskas gymnasium, having worked up to standards of OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Program, was granted the status of OLWEUS School for 2013-2015


Student Self-Expression through Extra-Curricular Activities

Student autonomy group is incredibly active in this gymnasium. The young journalists issue the monthly newspaper „Atošvaistė“ and some learners participate in the vocal group of girls „Incanto“, the boy vocal group „BROS“, the pop group the modern dance group „Allegro“. Apart from this, art, design and theatre studies have been organised at our school. In addition to this,the ecology group, the piligrim and esperanto clubs operate here. Our major priorities are to promote cultural and cognitive development as well as various project activities. Not only traditional extra – curricular activities are encouraged, but special events, emphasizing the originality of the gymnasium, attaching importance to school culturally and historically, are frequently held. Briefly, students participate in Mažeikiai culture events such as concerts, exhibitions, sports tournaments and charity campaigns.